lighting-package-largeWe offer a comprehensive range of IP Rated/Waterproof AC/DC LED Lighting Power Supply, as well as enclosed and open frame lighting power supplies, suitable for use in a range of Lighting applications, including Architectural Lighting, Task Lighting, Medical Lighting, Transportation Lighting, Entertainment Lighting, Lit Signage & Moving Signs, Safety & Security Lighting and Outdoor Area Lighting.

Our LED Lighting Power Supply, Halogen Lighting Power Supplies & LED Drivers are available in constant voltage or constant current models and there is a wide range of models that are IP64, IP65, IP66 or IP67 rated making them suitable for use in harsh conditions.

The lighting industry, like the power supply industry is driven by the growing demand for smaller and more reliable power solutions.

Our LED Lighting Power Supply range varies in size and capacity helping you get the right power supply for your application. Whether you are looking for an internal light fitting solution or a weatherproof solution capable of powering long strings of lights, we have a LED Lighting Power Supply solution to suit.

Existing applications for our LED Lighting Power Supply include LED lighting, moving sign, fibre optics, economical LED lighting, railway lighting, emergency lighting and vehicle lighting.