DR-UPS40 Series DIN Rail power supplies are battery controller units suitable for 24V DC UPS power systems with up to 40A current.

Units from this series can be mounted on DIN rails TS-35/ 7.5 or 15 rails and are equipped with visual indication for battery fail, battery discharge and DC BUS OK.

Inbuilt polarity protection is featured in the DR-UPS40  series, and cooling is provided by free air convection.

Using an external battery source with DR-UPS40 Series units allows back up of current up to 40A, which can be monitored by the inbuilt battery test function.


  • Battery controller for DIN Rail UPS system
  • Parallel connection to DC BUS
  • Suitable for 24V system up to 40A
  • Can be installed on DIN Rail TS35 / 7.5 or 15
  • Built-in battery test function
  • Battery polarity protection
  • Relay contact signal output and LED indicator for DC BUS OK,Battery OK, and Battery Discharge
  • Cooling by free air convection


  • Building automation
  • Security
  • Datacommunications
  • IT
  • Control Panels


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